Why choose Las Vegas Flag Football League

There are many great options for your son or daughter to participate in Flag Football within the Las Vegas valley area, however we believe that there's a need to provide an environment to allow club teams to compete at the the highest level and eventually become National Champions.


Elite Competition

We are striving to be the premiere youth flag football league available in the Las Vegas by strategically partnering up with WASUP Sports.


Over 17 Years of Experience

Our team has been associated with some of the top flag football leagues and tournaments in the Las Vegas valley area. Our partner WASUP Sports specializes in offering premium flag football tournaments in Nevada, California and Arizona.


Build National Championship Teams

One of our main goals for this league is to build National Championship caliber teams. We believe you must play the best in order to be the best and compete at the highest levels.


Recreational Division Also Available

Even though our primary focus may be in developing highly competitive teams, we also support any youth who wants to get started playing flag football at any level.

About Us

LVFFL is a product of WASUP Sports with over 17 years of youth flag football experience.

Who we are

WASUP (Western Athletic Sports Unified Program) is a 501c3 non-profit organization which was first established in 2004.

LVFFL (Las Vegas Flag Football League) was created by Kerry Knoll to offer a premiere elite youth flag football program to help develop Las Vegas' best teams to become National Champions.

The LVFFL and WASUP are part of the NFL Flag Play 60 programs.

NFL Flag Overview

our league features

The LVFFL Flag is a program designed for the more competitive teams. The NFL Flag Rules are used. The league posts standings and includes a playoff at the end of the season.


The traditional 5-on-5 is less crowded and keeps it safer for your child to avoid injury.

5 Age Groups

Your son or daughter qualifies for each age division depending on their current age as of August 1st of the current year. 6U (5-6 Co-Ed), 8U (7-8 Co-Ed), 10U (9-10 Co-Ed), 12U (11-12 Co-Ed), and 14U (13-14 Co-Ed)

8 Regular Season Games with 1 Guaranteed Playoff Game

Our inaugural season is set to begin Friday Nights, January 12th through March 9th (dates subject to change).

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General Rules

  • 5-on-5

  • 30 Minute Game

  • Clock will run except for the final 2 minutes of the first half and final 2 minutes of the game

  • Field will be divided into 2 25-yard boxes and first downs are awarded each time the offense crosses mid field

  • No blocking, No kicking, No fumbles

  • Incidental contact is permitted


  • Once the ball is snapped, the Defense has can rush from 7 years out and the QB will have a total of 7 seconds to release the ball or cross the line of scrimmage

  • The QB cannot run even if rushed

  • All players are eligible downfield


  • 6 pts per TD

  • Teams will have option based on distance to convert PATs of 1 or 2 points


  • Most penalties will award yardage

  • Ball will generally go into play at the spot of the foul or the previous spot

For a complete list of official rules click here.

Cost Per Player

Registering with a Previous or Club Team (Has Team Jerseys): Regular Price $125


  • 0 Team Jersey
  • 1 Set of Flags

Registering as an Individual (No Team or No Team Jerseys): Regular Price $150


  • 1 Team Jersey
  • 1 Set of Flags

Kerry Knoll

League Director

After being involved in my son's flag football team the past 3 years, I saw the tremendous potential and opportunity to create a new league which is focused primarily on building and developing national championship caliber teams. However I also believe that every child no matter their skill level should also have an opportunity to play this great game because even the best players on the best teams had to start somewhere.

Age Groups
Total Games


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New League Starts January 12th

New League Starts January 12th

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New League Starts September 30th

New League Starts September 30th

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Our Partners

Thank you to all the organizations that allow LVFFL to do what it does best.


Get in touch

Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions regarding the league.


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